Information Governance & Technology

Organizations are drowning in data, hastened by emerging technologies like social media. Laws impacting information governance are proliferating in scope and complexity. Our teams of attorneys and professional analysts, with deep expertise in law, technology and information governance, assist clients in developing and implementing practical, cost-effective and legally compliant information governance solutions.



Data Privacy & Security


Information is a key business asset, and ineffective information governance creates the greatest risk to this asset. Cyber-security breaches are on the rise, creating the potential for catastrophic legal, economic and reputational costs. Our lawyers are certified information privacy professionals with extensive experience in developing and implementing data privacy and security policies and technology solutions for protecting critical information assets.


E-Discovery & Litigation Readiness

E-Discovery costs and sanctions are on the rise – a symptom of proliferating data and ineffective information management systems. Organizations need legally defensible processes for preserving and producing information relevant to litigation and regulatory discovery. We have extensive experience in helping clients treat the cause, not just the symptoms, of e-discovery risk and cost, both here and abroad.



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